Reflection about the future of social networks

Like TV in its time, social networks have become viral in businesses, homes, playgrounds. We speak only of the star presenter or fashionable TV hook candidate, we are now also talking about the Influencer, the YouTuber, the Twitcher who, without anyone and often without means have managed to retain an audience via a tool born of the Internet. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter … These names almost (or totally!) unknown 10 years ago are displayed today without having to blush next to more traditional media. Surely rightly.

But let’s be honest. And realistic. Social networks today have a very bad reputation. Misinformation, hate-mongering, and constant debauchery of a youth often uncertain in the future. And we allow ourselves to say it because this youth is us. These tools allow everyone today to speak, to give their opinion, to comment, to judge, to criticize … And so, often, to say whatever. Provided that the dubious message is sufficiently scathing to match the events of the moment, the desperation. But saying the problem, even extrapolating it, does not create the problem. It is also necessary, we believe, to become aware of it.

It is precisely to combat these problems that La Mondaine was created. An agency that uses the tools of its time to put them at the service of intelligence, culture, good, beautiful. It’s a bet on the future. A bet for the adults of tomorrow who are growing behind their smartphones. These are their landmarks as our Stars were.

Beyond the intellectual, political and social aspect of the social networks that we imagine, these platforms inexorably represent a financial opportunity without any measure for entrepreneurs, influencers and even simple consumers. All this may still seem surprising today. But it is no longer rare to see a pimply teenager become a multimillionaire on Youtube, an entrepreneur get his business off the ground or a simple consumer rounding up his sits sitting behind his computer. And it is to all these people that La Mondaine addresses herself.

Of course, as we have already mentioned, there is everything and obviously a lot of bad. And if the bad ideas are selling, it is clear that the bad services and the bad products, also … It is a reality and it is once more necessary to be aware of it. We will not prevent it. And besides, nobody will prevent it. On the other hand, something logical appeared to us:

If some content creators can pull as many people down, why would not other creators pull us up?

This is the bet we took. Will you take it, too?